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"I fought for my country; now it is my responsibility to fight for my community."

Founder & President 

Coach Steven Matthews, the Welterweight people’s champ of Greensboro, N.C. and a Greensboro native, who served in 2003’s Iraqi Endure Freedom War as a United States Army Chemical Operations Combat Veteran (2001-2004). Upon Steven’s return he was promoted to a United States Army Sergeant at the early age of 19.


A Proud Father, Community Organizer, and visionary. In 2014, Founded Punch4PoundsKIDS. “Developing today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders; through Combat Sports, the selfless service of Mentoring and the Advocacy of Healthy Thinking”. Matthews took the core values of soldiering and began empowering the youth of Guilford County, North Carolina. Matthew’s philosophy of boxing is that although the sport is a recreational activity with several health and fitness benefits, there are numerous psychological rewards beneficial to our youth of today.


Matthews’ on-site facility location the Punch4PoundsKIDS partnerships with Communities in School of Greensboro, Guilford County Public Schools, and NC Works as a Service Provider allows Punch4PoundsKIDS to serve youth ages 4-24. In addition, he hosts a weekly community awareness segment “RingTalk” via Facebook live (with a variety of guest from Council Women Sharon Hightower, Donnell Dontae, LCSW and Mothers Against Violence and as a District 1 native recently adopted a Park and continues to serve the Youth of Greensboro.