Academic achievement 

We offer, elementary-high school tutoring services in Reading, Math, Study Skills, Writing, Phonics, Vocabulary, Spanish.  Through our virtual tutoring services, students are able to refresh or learn new skills, when school is in or out of session 

Youth development

We utilize the adversity faced by the participant as tools in the development of character in and out of a gym environment; challenging  each participant to challenge themselves only aiming to become the best version of themselves



We believe positive thinking is a vital key in our efforts to empower and translate behavior into great decision making. Through our virtual mentoring services and various webinars, students & parents can gain knowledge on how to overcome negative situations using a positive approach. 

Physical& Emotional


Our youth handle disrespect and confrontation violently because they have not been taught emotional regulation thus we strive to develop emotionally strong & balanced youth, whom are prepared to face success and adversity.

About US

Welcome to Punch4Pounds KIDS Virtual Learning Center.  Where our primary objective is to prepare your youth for success. By using creative and innovate teaching methods and services,  we are able to deliver customized educational, social, or emotional learning plans designed to address each participants needs. Here at P4 KIDS, our approach goes beyond traditional methods and concepts to fit today's societal needs in order to engage and enrich the lives of each individual we meet. 


Our Specialty Areas

Virtual Offerings

In Person

Punch4Pounds KIDS offers a variety of services through our  Virtual Learning Center 

  • Distance Learning

    Through our Distance Learning Center, CHAMP Academy, we utilize LIVE Virtual Classrooms where students and parents have FREE Unlimited Access to Live Tutors, Teachers, and Other Informative Sessions. Website viewers can chat with and even join in on the live with a click of a button.

    If you are unable to attend or want a more private virtual setting, we offer low-cost one-on-one tutoring. 

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  • Fitness Services

    Here at P4 Kids, we use utilize the sport of boxing as a primary tool to increase the development of both character  & leadership in youth. However, for adults we use this sport to introduce individuals to  a new, full-body technique-training workout.  Through our 1 hour  fitness classes; teachings of offensive & defensive maneuvers, and strength & conditioning, youth develop the vital skills needed to achieve and maintain discipline in various arenas. Throughout your session(s), you can expect to learn the moves of a prize fighter, while accomplishing your fitness goals.  From weight loss, muscle toning to a needed stress reliever sign up for the next BoxerSIZE session.



  • School Support 

    P4Kids serves as an extension of the support system for both student and institution/organization in efforts to empower our children.  We offer face-to-face and virtual services such as workshops, seminars, after school services, and mini camp sessions. Our staff consists of several subject experts , licensed professionals & teachers, and college professors and professional degree holders. 

    Contact us today to find out how to take full advantage of our online services and other youth development opportunities. 

Virtual Education Services

  • KIDS Group Boxing Class
    Age Dependent (Tues-Thursday & Saturday).
    Punch4Pounds KIDS, 2023- A Binford St, Greensboro, Nc 27406
    Ages 6 - 9 Meet Wednesday 6pm-7pm & Saturday 12:15pm-1:15pm Ages 10 -17 Meet Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-730pm (both nights)
  • Youth Fitness Training
    Schedule Today!
    Punch4Pounds KIDS, 2023- A Binford St, Greensboro, Nc 27406
    Individual one-on-one hour long sessions.
  • E-Tutoring
    Schedule Today!
    via. Zoom App
    E-TutorRING is an online tutoring and skill development program for students and P4 Kids participants. Services are offered all School-year and are conducted in a one-on-one setting so that you get the individualized support you need
  • E.S.S.A Book Club
    Schedule TBA
    Online Book Club
    In effort to close the reading literacy gap along with creating opportunities of student/mentee interaction we present an online virtual book club. Monthly a book will be selected an members will read individually & in virtual groups.
  • Bed Time Stories
    Every Night at 8:00-8:15pm (EST)
    Multi-tasking is a part of every parent's day-to-day. Here's one less task for the evening; schedule nightly bedtime stories and we'll read the Champ's night night story!
  • Drop In E-Mentoring & Webinars
    Always Available
    via. Zoom App
    Developmental & Perspective mentoring provided virtually

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