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Punch4PoundsKIDS is a powerful, informative, safe program for young adults.  Coach Steven Matthews is passionate and driven in developing leaders and contributors to society.  Punch4PoundsKIDS instills empowerment attributes for young adults to be successful in social, professional, and academic environments.

Coach Steven Matthews in a US combat veteran and a retired professional boxer.  He is determined to be part of the solution when positively impacting change within minority communities.  Punch4Pounds KIDS works with elementary students up to high school.”-Respectfully, Grant H Jr.

Punch4poundsKIDS is a great opportunity for the greater Greensboro kids. What I’ve seen throughout the years is a lack of things for children especially young men to do, it’s something to look forward to other than the streets. What pound4pound kids are doing is creating an out!!! That’s what the young men need gangs are taking a toll on our streets Gun violence is taking a toll on our streets drugs are taking a toll on our streets Mental health is taking a toll on our men!!! What They Need is an out!.....and that is what pound for pound kids is providing, I approve of what he is doing he much-needed in the community and he needs the cities to support!!!”- Tezrah C

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Mr. Matthews. He is the Epitome of perseverance; many were called but only a few are chosen.

I say this to say that mentor Steven Matthews is productive, reliable, responsible, and has integrity for himself as well as the mission that he is putting forth. A great leader has the combination of a King's mind with a servant's hearts Mr. Matthews is a blessing to the past present and future generation.”-Chadwic D

I just wanted to thank Steven Matthews and the Punch4PoundsKids team for all they do in their efforts to reach the community and have a positive impact on the youth at this critical time. Steven has a unique ability to relate to the youth because he made from the same environment, they're suffering in. Relatability and authenticity are vital components to reach the youth of today and Steven definitely possesses those qualities.” - James A

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