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Welcome to Punch4PoundsKIDS
Established in 2014, Punch4PoundsKIDS offers

Champion Guilford United has a comprehensive after-school program that integrates boxing mentorship, academic achievement support, and apprenticeship exposure to empower youth. Designed for middle school students, the program aims to develop boxing skills, enhance academic achievement, and expose them to the world of manufacturing through apprenticeship. By combining mentorship, academic support, and career exploration, Champion Guilford United focused on the improvement of 2 Key Areas: Motivation and Engagement, Improved Discipline, and Time Management, which provided support for the improved Boost in Physical and Mental Health and Academic Achievements. Equipping participants with a well-rounded foundation for success in sports, academics, and future career pathways.

Our Specialty Areas


90% of our youth had fewer “negative behavior” infractions during instructional time

90% increased regular school attendance

90% of our youth received Tutoring/Mentoring Services

90% of our youth participated in After-school programming

100% of our youth participated in intro to US Amateur's Boxing

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