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P4 Surrogacy

Punch4Pounds KIDS is a program that assists youth, schools, and the surrounding community. To assist youth, we attend school visits and meetings, judicial proceedings, and other non-traditional settings. We advocate or represent youth with or without disabilities. Before being allowed to work with your children, all Punch4Pounds KIDS employees, interns, and volunteers undergo a rigorous background check.

We Are The Extension of Support!

The P4 Parent Association welcomes you!

Our parent volunteer group is comparable to most PTAs. The Parent Association consists of P4 parents, guardians, faculty, and staff. Volunteer support, special events, and family opportunities are provided by the P4 Parents to assist the faculty and administration. 

We encourage you to participate. With your skills, talents, and professions there is no better way to become involved, get to know your teachers, and meet other parents, and we will provide you with numerous family and community engagement opportunities. 

Our goal is to teach parents how to be an advocate for their children and their community. A parent who fosters self-esteem and self-confidence in children and maintains an adult-to-child ratio that exceeds the norm. Having a voice in school policy and decision-making. Child development and parenting skills training. Other parents with the same concerns, interests, and problems provide mutual understanding and moral support. 

Your commitment consists of Periodically helping in the classroom (2-3 times per month depending on class), Providing healthy snacks several times a year, taking on an administrative job: serving on the Executive Board, taking pictures, organizing service projects, etc. and Attending mandatory monthly parent meetings and participating in the business of Punch4PoundsKIDS | Punch4PoundsInc.

Established in 2014, Punch4Pounds KIDS is a nontraditional leadership & deterrence program, that utilizes the art of Boxing, to develop the “whole child”; focusing on healthy thinking & favorable decision making,  and social, educational, athletic, health and wellness.

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