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  • Schedule TBA
    Online Book Club
    In effort to close the reading literacy gap along with creating opportunities of student/mentee interaction we present an online virtual book club. Monthly a book will be selected an members will read individually & in virtual groups.
  • Schedule Today!
    via. Zoom App
    E-TutorRING is an online tutoring and skill development program for students and P4 Kids participants. Services are offered all School-year and are conducted in a one-on-one setting so that you get the individualized support you need
  • Every Night at 8:00-8:15pm (EST)
    Multi-tasking is a part of every parent's day-to-day. Here's one less task for the evening; schedule nightly bedtime stories and we'll read the Champ's night night story!
  • Always Available
    via. Zoom App
    Developmental & Perspective mentoring provided virtually
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