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Punch4Pounds Inc.

 interrupts gang and gun violence by engaging those most at-risk, meditating, and preventing retaliatory violence through an alternative conflict resolution module. 


MON- FRI (6:00-7:00 PM)

Through intentional, consistent, and on-going interactive activities and nontraditional instruction with complete assessments, we'll improve educational, leadership & character development, and behavioral outcomes for at-risk, socially-economically disadvantaged youth. Job-ready training and apprenticeship programs showcasing skilled trades can motivate our youth to learn. Youth and young adults will participate in quarterly job fairs.


P4P  Inc.

Through strategic partnership our (E3)Engage, Empower and Employ program service and hire ages 16-24 years old; providing interactive life & soft skills, job readiness curriculum through nontraditional instruction; providing Fitness Trainer, Mentor, and Boxing Coach employment opportunities as Punch4Pounds KIDS staff. 

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